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Consultation Flow

Your experience at our clinic will be greatly smoother if you make an appointment, register your information and choose your payment method ahead of your visit. Our clinic is designed to minimize waiting time and to avoid person-to-person contact as much as possible. We appreciate if you make an appointment with consideration of the limited waiting area.

The flow of your experience is as follows:

Step 1

Make an appointment

Step 2

Register information

Step 3

Visit our clinic

Step 4

Pay the bill

Step 5

Get a medicine

If you have any questions, please contact us via official LINE or the contact form.

Registration of Information

Making an appointment, filling your medical questionnaire and registering your billing information in advance will greatly eliminate your waiting time for consultation, billing and prescription.

Step 1

Making an appointment

We recommend making a “Time-Specific Appointment” where you specify the date and time to visit in advance. If the appointment slots are filled or if you forget to make an appointment, you can reduce your waiting time by using the “Online Queueing” at the day of your visit.


You can make an appointment at your preferred date and time. Note that online consultations are only available in Japanese.

Choose your preferred date and time from the “Appointment by Time Reservation (日時指定予約)”. Receiving a confirmation email, please click on the confirmation URL. Please note that at this point, the appointment is not yet complete.

When you click on the confirmation email and fill in the necessary information, the appointment will be complete.

Then, please fill the medical questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire from the link or button on the appointment-completion page. Even if you close the appointment-completion page, you can fill out the questionnaire from the appointment-completion email.

Step 2

Filling Medical Questionnaire

If you are unable to fill in the form due to the language barrier, please let us know.

The questionnaire you are supposed to fill can be accessed via “Filling Online Questionnaire (Web問診を回答する)” button on the appointment-completion page. You can also find the list of questionnaires from the button below; select the one matching you most.

The link in the appointment-completion page or in the appointment-completion email will take you to the most suitable questionnaire automatically so that you do not have to select it on your own.

Step 3

Registration of Billing Information

A URL for registering billing information will be sent to the email address you used when making the appointment. Registering the billing information in advance allows you to leave without waiting to pay at the reception after consultation.

Payment Methods

We recommend that you register your billing information in advance so that you can eliminate the waiting time at the clinic.

The following two types of payments are available.

Register your billing information in advance.

Please register your credit card information in advance from the email sent after appointment completion. The billing will be automatically completed after your visit.

Credit Cards

Visa / Mastercard® / American Express®

Prior registration of billing information is required for online consultation.

Make a payment by electronic payment or cash at the reception at the day of your visit.

Payment options

Visa / Mastercard® / UnionPay / iD / Rakuten Edy / WAON / nanaco / transportation IC card (e.g., ICOCA)
WeChatPay / Alipay / PayPay / au PAY / merpay / Ginko Pay

Receipt of Prescribed Medicine

There are three ways to receive prescribed medication available.

Except for in-hospital prescription, which you can get the medicine immediately at the clinic, you are supposed to visit pharmacy to exchange prescription with a medicine.

If you want, we can deliver prescribed medicine from our affiliated pharmacy to your home, workplace or any designated location.

Only for those not using Japanese national health insurance, we can give the prescribed medicine immediately at our clinic.

Pick Up Medicine at Pharmacy

You can pick up your medicine at any nationwide pharmacy within 4 days from the day you receive the prescription.

Delivery of Medicine to Your Home or Workplace

If you want, we can deliver prescribed medicine from our affiliated pharmacy to your home, workplace or any designated location.

It will cost 500 JPY (tax included) and be delivered on the next business day.

Charges related to delivery and dispensary fees will be separately billed by the pharmacy.

Pick Up Medicine at a Nearby Pharmacy

We will fax the prescription to your near-by pharmacy so that you can pick it up there.

Please check the operating hours and location of the pharmacy where you want to pick up your medication by yourself in advance.